Curriculum Opportunities

We pride ourselves on a wide range of curriculum opportunites for our students

It’s not the curriculum that we offer that sets us apart, it’s the manner in which it’s delivered

Any school can teach a curriculum. Amazing schools like ours is full of teachers actively and passionately exploring the possibilities of making their teaching practice more innovative, engaging and fun at every turn. This is the single ingredient that drives the most growth in our students.

The success we attain is not only evidenced by the assessment data – but it’s seen through the smiles and joy we see on our student’s faces as a concept is grasped. This is the indefinable element that drives us as teachers to produce and grow our own teaching skills year in, year out.

Religious Education

At Holy Cross the Religious Education Curriculum promotes education in life and faith and provides students with an opportunity to learn and practise the values that the Church teaches. Children come to know the traditions of our faith through a variety of innovative and engaging methods which supports our commitment to an Inquiry approach to teaching.

Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing is the core which underpins all that we do at Holy Cross School. It is central in ensuring that every student has the opportunity to develop as a whole person, which promotes their academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.   


Literacy focuses on Reading and Viewing, Writing, Smart Spelling, and Speaking and Listening.


Numeracy at Holy Cross encourages students to develop mathematical skills, to think and reason and apply understandings to real life situations.

Physical Education

Physical Education lessons are taught weekly from P-6 as a specialist class. In these sessions the students are taught game skills and participate in activities to build upon their physical ability.


Visual Arts encourages the exploration of ideas and observations, focusing on artworks from our own and different cultures.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts at Holy Cross focuses on developing children’s creativity, confidence and self expression.

Languages (Japanese)

The specialist LOTE subject that we offer at Holy Cross is Japanese.

Discovery Learning

Discovery Learning at Holy Cross is a program that our Prep-grade 2 students are a part of. Discovery is an Inquiry based approach to learning that provides the students with opportunities to make decisions about their own learning and discover based on their interests.

Outdoor Education

Holy Cross has a fully operational vineyard with approximately 350 vines that were planted in 2004. As part of their studies, students have learnt the vine to wine process of making wine from the planting of the grapes, fermentation process and bottling of the wine (label design). Students are also involved in the pruning, picking and netting processes which help the vines to grow and produce pinot grapes.

Learning Diversity

Learning Diversity enables every student to achieve success in their learning, using differentiated teaching, which adapts to individuals needs and abilities.

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